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Why The Marin School?

A high school that is small by design, offering a college-prep curriculum with a creative approach.


The Marin School is an independent, college-prep high school in San Rafael. Our small, supportive environment inspires our students to take risks and explore new ideas.

Small by design, TMS students thrive in a challenging, collaborative environment where dedicated faculty set high expectations and encourage each student to realize their full potential. We offer a UC-approved, thought-provoking curriculum, with a creative approach to everything we do.


experience what makes The marin School so unique.

Take a guided campus tour and chat with a member of our Admissions team, schedule a shadow visit, or attend an event!



TMS students thrive in a challenging academic environment where dedicated faculty members encourage each student to set high expectations and realize their full potential.

Our mission is to provide a collaborative learning community that inspires confidence, creativity, integrity, and academic excellence through a deep belief in each student’s potential.



Creativity is encouraged and embraced at all levels of the learning process, in the classrooms and across disciplines. We celebrate project-based learning and STEM programming, including integrative use of coding and hands-on tools in our Fab Lab and coding classes. Creativity is also celebrated in our Visual and Performing Arts electives.



We are designed to be a small school where faculty truly know and understand their students - who they are, how they think, and what motivates them to learn.

Our small class-sizes allow our faculty to reach students at all levels, provide the support they need in areas of growth, and instill them with confidence and future-ready skills.y

TMS Curriculum

Welcoming, Inclusive Community

At TMS each student is seen and celebrated for who they are, as they are. This warm, welcoming culture lays a foundation where self-confidence, personal growth, creativity, and learning can thrive.

Collaboration and Connection

At TMS, students and faculty thrive with a collaborative approach to education.  Our teachers, counselors, and administrators establish a strong rapport that fosters a community of mutual respect.  Students' strengths, passions, and areas of growth are supported at all levels.

Focus on

A balanced approach to academics with meaningful, manageable coursework.

With a focus on the whole student, the curriculum at TMS emphasizes mindfulness, with a goal of reducing anxiety and inspiring intellectual curiosity.

College Prep with a Creative Approach

Go beyond the mountains of busywork and endless, repetitive homework. Our classes focus on engagement and depth of understanding.

  • STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math)"
    Science Required Courses: Biology Chemistry Electives: Anatomy and Physiology*Bay Area Ecology* Physics Psychology* Zoology Mathematics Required Courses: Algebra 1 Geometry Algebra 2 Electives: Pre-Calculus Calculus Statistics Engineering & Technology Course Offerings: Engineering and the Fabrication Laboratory Innovation Studio Introduction to 3D Modeling and Animation* Applied Computer Programming: Robotics* Java 1–2 *Offered at least every other year
  • Humanities
    English Required Courses: English 1: Survey of Literature English 2: World/Multi-Cultural Literature English 3: American Literature English 4: British Literature Electives: Writer’s Workshop* Film as Literature* Creative Writing Social Studies Required Courses: Geography Modern World History United States History Electives: American Government Economics World Language Required Courses: Spanish 1 Spanish 2 Electives: Spanish 3 Spanish 4 *Offered at least every other year
  • The Arts
    Performing Arts Course Offerings: Drama 1–4 Jazz Band 1–4 Recording Arts Visual Arts Course Offerings Studio Art Drawing and Painting Advanced Drawing and Painting Photography 1, 2, 3* Public Art* Requirements: Two classes of either Visual or Performing Arts *Offered at least every other year Click here to view The Marin School's Visual & Performing Arts Blog
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