Core Curriculum & Academic Electives at The Marin School


The Marin School curriculum is designed to provide a dynamic, challenging academic experience for each student.


Graduation requirements include study in literature and writing, history, science, mathematics, foreign language, and the visual and performing arts. Students personalize their educational experience at The Marin School by selecting from a wide range of academic elective courses. All students must also complete two years of physical education. The Marin School coursework is college-prep, UC approved, and provides a solid foundation for college and university work.


Our mission is to provide a collaborative learning community that inspires confidence, creativity, integrity, and academic excellence through a deep belief in each student’s potential.

The Marin School Curriculum Guide

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math)


Required Courses:

Biology or Introduction to Biology
Chemistry, Honors Chemistry or Introduction to Chemistry
Introduction to Physical Science

Environmental Science / Introduction to Environmental Science
Astronomy 1 / Introduction to Astronomy
Astronomy 2
Physics / Honors Physics
Psychology / Introduction to Psychology
Virology with Lab Science
Zoology / Introduction to Zoology


Algebra 1
Algebra 1A
Algebra 1B
Geometry / Introduction to Geometry
Algebra 2 / Trigonometry
Algebra 2
Business Math
Math Skills (Program for Academic Success)

Engineering & Technology

Innovation Studio
Introduction to 3D Modeling and Animation (Fall Semester)*
Applied Computer Programming: Robotics (Spring Semester)*
Computer Programming

Coding Projects

Electives: Engineering and the Fabrication Laboratory (FabLab) Computer Programming 2

*Offered at least every other year



Required Courses:

English 1: Survey of Literature

English Skills 1

Writing Skills 2

Writing Skills

English 2: World/Multicultural Literature (Honors and Intro levels offered)

English 3: Contemporary Literature and Rhetoric (Honors and Intro levels offered)

English 4: American Literature (Honors and Intro levels offered)


Writer’s Workshop*

Film as Literature*

Creative Writing

Social Studies

Required Courses:

Geography / Introduction to Geography

Modern World History (Honors and Intro levels offered)

United States History (Honors and Intro levels offered)


American Government, Fall Semester (Honors and Intro levels offered)

Economics, Spring Semester (Honors and Intro levels offered)

Politics and the Media

Social History of Popular Music (Fall Semester)

Student Leadership Council

World Language (2 years required)

Spanish 1

Spanish 2

Spanish 3

Spanish 4

Spanish 5/6 (Honors)

American Sign Language 1

American Sign Language 2

American Sign Language 3

*Offered at least every other year

The Arts

Performing Arts

Drama 1–4

Jazz Band 1–4

Recording Arts

Rock Band*

Visual Arts

Studio Art

Drawing and Painting

Advanced Drawing and Painting

Photography 1, 2, 3*

Public Art*



Two classes of either Visual or Performing Arts

*Offered at least every other year

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Other Courses

Freshman Seminar Study Hall Senior Project

The Marin School

Graduation Requirements


  • English: 40 units

  • Mathematics: 30 units (40 recommended) History: 30 units

  • World Language: 20 units –same language (30 units recommended) 

  • Science: 20 units

  • Academic Electives: 20 units

  • Fine/Performing Arts: 20 units

  • Additional Classes: 30 units

  • Physical Education and/or Alternative Physical Education: 10 units (2 years)

  • Freshman Seminar: 10 units

  • Participation in Outside the Walls: 4 years, or each year enrolled