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The College Counseling model at The Marin School is a four year comprehensive program that is guided by “best fit” for each student. This applies to curriculum and course selection, standardized testing plans, and post-graduate placement. Every student and family will work closely with the college counselor through each step of the process and receive personal guidance.


College counseling begins informally in the Freshman year with an emphasis on understanding the TMS curriculum, graduation requirements, and the statewide A-G standards. Sophomore students are guided more specifically on how their courses in high school relate to college study and real-world application. Freshman and Sophomore families gather in the Spring semester for a curriculum information session.


Formal college counseling begins in the spring of the Junior year with family college counseling meetings and will continue through Senior year with full-time personalized support. Through each phase, students are empowered to make confident decisions about their path to graduation and beyond.

If you're a College Admissions Rep inquiring about a visit to campus, we use RepVisits for scheduling and would love to welcome you to The Marin School!  Click here for more info.

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TMS College Counseling Resources: Curated links to FAFSA, The Common Application, Application essay writing tips and more!

Director of College Counseling

What to do when: College Counseling by Year

What do I do if my student forgot something?

If your student forgot an item or lunch, please drop it off in the main office. To avoid classroom interruption, the office will call the classroom and leave a message in the teacher's voicemail and your student will be sent to the office.

How do I inform the school when my student is absent?

When your child is absent, please call the front office with any questions or concerns. 619-628-2650

What if my student is tardy?

Students arriving late to school must come to the main office accompanied by a parent/guardian with a note stating the reason for their tardy.

Please remember: Tardy students walking into class impacts the learning environment for everyone. Please be on time.

What are Hawking 2 Independent Contracts?

Should there be a planned absence of five days or more please see the front office as soon as possible to set up a homework contract for the student. A contract should also be used for extended illnesses. A minimum of 2 weeks is required to set up a Hawking 2 Independent Contract.

How late can my student remain on campus after school?

It is important that students are picked up before 3:05 pm Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, and on Wed by 1:15 as there is no supervision after-school, unless they are enrolled in the after school program. If after 1 hour the child has not been picked up, the school is required to call the San Diego Police Department to report this offense. If students are not picked up before the above indicated time the following will occur: 1st offense - Verbal Warning with reasonable excuse. 2nd offense - $5.00 charge for late pick up 3rd and 4th offense - $5.00 charge and a scheduled meeting with the Director to discuss late pick up and parent must sign stating they will abide by the policy. After 5th offense and meeting - Disenrollment of our School

Where are the lost and found items kept on campus?

If your student has lost a sweatshirt/jacket or any other item, Hawking 2 lost and found is located between the Kindergarten classrooms in the maroon colored bin labeled "Lost and Found". Please be sure to check periodically, as the lost and found items are donated periodically.

What if I want to talk to my student’s teacher?

During school hours, it is best to call the office to leave a message for the teacher. You can always email the teacher or use a messaging program if the teacher has one. But keep in mind that instruction time is precious and teachers will get back to you as soon as possible when not during their instructional time.

What if I want to request homework for my student?

If you would like homework for a student that missed school, please contact the teacher by leaving them a message or e-mailing them your request.

For College Representatives

The Marin School welcomes college representatives to our campus throughout the Fall semester. We use RepVisits to schedule our visits but please contact Brad Jackson ( if you have specific questions.


Arriving to Campus: You should find visitor spots in the front parking lot when you arrive at campus. Please feel free to park there (no passes needed) and walk through the courtyard area to the back sidewalk. Turn left after the courtyard and follow back sidewalk all the way down to the Main Office. Our office staff will greet you and sign you in there before directing you to the College Counseling office.

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