College Counseling at The Marin School


The College Counseling model at The Marin School is a four year comprehensive program that is guided by “best fit” for each student. This applies to curriculum and course selection, standardized testing plans, and post-graduate placement. Every student and family will work closely with the college counselor through each step of the process and receive personal guidance.


College counseling begins informally in the Freshman year with an emphasis on understanding the TMS curriculum, graduation requirements, and the statewide A-G standards. Sophomore students are guided more specifically on how their courses in high school relate to college study and real-world application. Freshman and Sophomore families gather in the Spring semester for a curriculum information session.


Formal college counseling begins in the spring of the Junior year with family college counseling meetings and will continue through Senior year with full-time personalized support. Through each phase, students are empowered to make confident decisions about their path to graduation and beyond.

If you're a College Admissions Rep inquiring about a campus visit, we use RepVisits for scheduling and would love to welcome you to The Marin School!  Click here for more info.


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What to do when: College Counseling by Year

Freshman Year

An informal start to the college counseling process with an emphasis on understanding TMS curriculum, graduation requirements and statewide A-G standards.

  • Get involved. Colleges like to know what it is that inspires you outside of the classroom. Join the clubs/jobs/activites/sports you love and plan to stick with them.
  • Grades count! Your freshman grades provide a foundation for your high school success.
  • Learn your resources. Utilize your tutorials and get to know your teachers. Seek out help when you need it and take advantage of the Writing Center.
  • Keep track. Keep a running list of the things you are involved in. This will be helpful later on with applications and resumes.
  • Plan to attend an evening program for parents on TMS curriculum and course planning in the Spring Semester.

Sophomore Year

Sophomore students are guided more specifically on how their courses in high school relate to college study and real world applications.

  • Take the lead. Seek out leadership opportunities within the groups you’re already a part of - and remember, leadership comes in a lot of forms.
  • Challenge yourself. Explore Honors courses and talk with teachers and counselors about signing up for them.
  • Plan to attend a Fall evening program for parents on Financial Aid and a Spring evening program for parents on TMS curriculum and course planning.

Junior Year

The official start to the college planning process happens in the Spring of the junior year. Students will begin to map out timelines for standardized testing, college visits, and college research.

  • Testing. You’ll take the PSAT in the fall to gain practice with standardized tests.
  • Make an impression. Take part in the many college representative visits in the fall. These are an excellent way to learn more about colleges and build relationships.
  • Schedule and attend a family college planning meeting with the College Counselor in the Spring semester.
  • Plan to attend a Fall evening program for parents on Financial Aid and a Spring evening program for students and families on the Application Process.

Senior Year

Comprehensive support for the whole college research, application, admission, and selection process. Students work closely with the college counselor for a customized college search process that focuses on best fit and receive individual assistance through all parts of the application season.

  • College Application Academy the week before school starts in August
  • One-on-One meetings with counselor at start of the year
  • Weekly College Representative visits throughout the Fall Semester
  • Weekly after-school Application Study Halls for help with any element of application
  • Individual and unique recommendation letters written for each student
  • Guidance and reminders regarding deadlines and financial aid

For College Representatives

Traditionally, The Marin School welcomes college representatives to our campus throughout the Fall semester. During the 2020-21 school year, all visits must be conducted virtually. 


We use RepVisits to schedule our visits, but please contact Brad Jackson ( if you have specific questions.


Arriving to Campus: You should find visitor spots in the front parking lot when you arrive at campus. Please feel free to park there (no passes needed) and walk through the courtyard area to the back sidewalk. Turn left after the courtyard and follow back sidewalk all the way down to the Main Office. Our office staff will greet you and sign you in there before directing you to the College Counseling office.