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Learning Center Mission & Vision

We are committed to creating a community of learners that embraces neurodiversity and supports a variety of learning strengths.

The Learning Center offers students a quiet environment where students can study – independently or in small peer groups, receive direct instruction in study skills that they will need to be successful in school, use assistive technologies, do homework, and organize their time and schedules. 


Our Learning Services team works to streamline communication with teachers regarding each student’s unique educational profiles, recommend outside tutoring or educational assessment services, and request College Board/ACT accommodations for students diagnosed with learning differences. 

our learning center supports:

The Learning Center provides students the opportunity to gain key academic skills in these areas:

  • Study skills

  • Test-taking

  • Note-taking

  • Organizational Skills

  • Time Management

  • Best practices for different learning styles

  • Self-advocacy

  • Other tools that support students in being successful learners and able to independently pursue their education

  • Access to support from Learning Services Team


In addition, The Learning Center offers assistance with the following to further encourage students to become active learners and to help improve academic performance:


  • Accessibility to audio books and other assistive technology through our school library

  • Formal Education Plans for all students with learning differences.

  • Assistance with obtaining accommodations for ACT/SAT's


Amory cariadus
Director of Learning Services


Curricular/Testing Accommodations

Accommodations are alternative ways for students diagnosed with learning, attention and emotional challenges to fulfill course work and show that they have learned the content material of each course. Accommodations will be provided in a respectful and supportive manner. 


Below are some examples of accommodations available to students who can provide documentation of a diagnosed learning difference:



  • Extended time

  • Separate location

  • Use of calculator

  • Use of word processor or speech-to-text for writing

  • Directions provided orally and in writing

  • Frequent breaks



  • Extended time (up to 3 day extension)

  • Use of audio-books

  • Use of word processor or speech-to-text for writing

  • Chunking (breaking up long tasks into smaller/manageable chunks)



  • Preferential seating

  • Note-taking assistance

  • Use of calculator

  • Use of computer

  • Frequent breaks


Learning Center

  • Instruction in study skills and other executive functioning skills

  • Prioritized homework help

Learning Services Team

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Program for

Academic Success (PAS)

The Marin School's Program for Academic Success (PAS) was developed to support students with moderate learning differences. This program recognizes and promotes the student's exceptional strengths as well as supporting areas of challenge, and is designed to help build confidence in their capabilities for success.


Courses within PAS provide students the smaller class sizes that allow for focused instruction  and skill building.  Students get supported access to rigorous curriculum by way of appropriate accommodations and modifications.

PAS works for students who are motivated, eager to learn, and ready to participate fully in our school community. Receiving support from this program is just one aspect of a student’s high school experience at TMS. 


Students enrolled in the PAS Program receive:

  • Dedicated Study Hall with prioritized support 

  • Specialized instruction 

  • Individual Support 

  • Formal Education Plan created with the Director of Learning Services

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