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Program for Academic Success


The Marin School celebrates and encourages diverse thinking and 
learning, and offers a unique program for students with learning differences.  

Our Program for Academic Success is for students  with diagnosed learning differences who need specialized support in one or more areas of study to be academically successful in a college preparatory curriculum.


The Marin School's Program for Academic Success recognizes that students with learning differences have exceptional strengths as well as challenges, and is designed to help build confidence in their capabilities for success. PAS courses give these students the opportunity for learning and skill building, through access to rigorous curriculum by way of appropriate accommodations and modifications.

PAS works for students who are motivated, eager to learn, and ready to participate fully in our school community. Receiving support from this program is just one aspect of a student’s high school experience at TMS. 

Chanel Nijmeh

Director of Learning Services

415-339-9336 ext. 1016

The PAS Promise

The Program for Academic Success (PAS) is both dynamic and innovative as it is designed to allow for a balance of

academic flexibility while meeting important learning milestones within each student’s high school experience.



PAS students are prepared for the best post-secondary options for them, based on their interests, goals, and needs.  College counseling provides best-fit post-high school planning.

Commitment to Inclusion

Students in the PAS program are fully included in the TMS community and have have access to all classes and activities. In addition, some of the PAS courses are offered just to PAS students to ensure targeted instruction, while for others, students are given modified curriculum within the standard classroom. This ensures that students receive the right balance of specialized instruction and participation in all that TMS has to offer.

Collaborative Growth

The Program for Academic Success (PAS) is both dynamic and innovative as it is designed to allow for a balance of academic flexibility while meeting important learning guidelines within each student’s high school experience.

Passport to Success: Students enrolled in the PAS Program receive the following:

Formal Educational Plan

Created by the  Director of Learning Services based on the student’s learning profile and academic needs

Supported Study Hall 

Each PAS student’s schedule includes a built-in study hall with prioritized support from the Learning Center staff

Adaptive Instruction

Core academic classes provide students with a smaller class size, and combination of modified content and skill-building. 

Individual Support 

Opportunities before, during, and after school to receive support and guidance in the Learning Center.

Sample schedules for pas students:

9th grade: Full Support
Algebra 1A
Club, Sports
Writing Skills 1
Freshman Seminar
Intro Humanities
Intro Biology
P.E. (Alternative)
American Sign Language
Supported Study Hall


9th grade: Some Support
Club, Script Writing
English 1
Freshman Seminar
Intro Biology
Algebra 2
Spanish 1
Supported Study Hall

10th grade (Math Support)
Algebra 1B
Club, SLC
English 2
Fabrication Lab
Modern World History
P.E. (Alternative)
Supported Study Hall

10th grade (Transfer Student)
Intro Geometry
English Skills 2
Fabrication Lab
Intro to Modern World History
Passion Project

Supported Study Hall

Writing Skills 2

11th grade
Club, D&D
Drawing & Painting
English Skills 3
Intro to US History
American Sign Language 2
Supported Study Hall

12th grade 
American Sign Language 2

Intro American Government
Club, Dystopian Books
Drawing & Painting
English Skills 4
Environmental Science
Supported Study Hall

The PAS Advantage:

  • Daily support from the Learning Services Team who work directly with faculty members across all subjects

  • Fluid evaluation of of your student’s academic progress

  • Management of qualified accommodations

  • Skill-building in key areas like executive functioning - including note-taking, time management, self-advocacy and organization.  

  • Direct instruction in study skills that they will need to be successful in school

  • Supported access to  assistive technology.

Community Voices

“For the first time I feel like my teachers understand how I learn best - it’s challenging, but I have the support I need to succeed.” - TMS Student

“This program has made a huge difference for my son. He used to hate school - now he is ready to go every morning and hates to miss a day.” - TMS Parent

“The communication with faculty is amazing, we never received this level of support in any other school.”

- TMS Parent

"The Program for Academic Success has helped me by being a supportive environment that has helped me develop the skills I need to be successful in school."

-TMS Student

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