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Connect With the Marin School:

volunteer opportunities

The Marin School is grateful for the involvement of our parents, guardians, grandparents, alumni and special friends.   Our extraordinary community hosts potlucks, plans and executes campus events, supports our staff and faculty, serves on the Board of Trustees, and offers professional services.  They are also instrumental in our fundraising successes by being on the Annual Fund and Gala/Auction Committees. 


TMS is a small school with a BIG impact, and frequently we compare our community to a large extended family.  As in every family, there is always much work to be done.  We have opportunities for everyone...from one hour per year to almost full time before a big event and everything in between. 


There are many ways to be involved at TMS:


  • Organize students on picture day in September

  • Make a special community lunch on Grandparents' Day in November

  • Organize a Faculty/staff appreciation lunch

  • Join our Annual Fund outreach committee

  • Join our fantastic and fun Gala planning committee in the spring

  • and more…

We have found over the years that when you volunteer, everybody—the school, our students and you—will benefit!

Beyond volunteer hours, our community is also generous in our Annual Fund and other fundraising opportunities. 

Not only do these monies contribute to the school’s operating budget, but they also help us achieve programmatic improvements and campus growth. TMS’ financial strength is in direct proportion to the generosity of our parent community. The spirit of philanthropy is alive at our school!


TMS’ parents are also our greatest ambassadors.   Simply ask them what their family's experience at TMS has been!


If you would like to get involved please complete our Volunteer Form or contact our Development Coordinator Keli Honsberger at

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