Visual & Performing Arts

Studio Art

This course provides an opportunity for experimentation, expression and further exploration of the elements of design. Using a variety of materials, the students sharpen their skills. Trips to museums, slides and class discussions help the students discover their own style and sources of inspiration. The projects are open-ended to allow for personal interpretations. Students will have the opportunity to explore drawing, painting, printmaking, mixed media, and sculpture.


drawing & painting

This course focuses on feelings, ideas and perceptions using drawing or painting as the medium. Through independent thought and creative expression, fostered by the use of slides, class discussions, videos and trips to museums, the students are encouraged to think independently as they experience in-depth art-making and art-appreciating activities. The student's inquisitive investigation of their environment, their experimentation with new and familiar materials and techniques and their own artistic abilities will pave the way for them to develop a greater self awareness and artistic confidence. Students have opportunities to exhibit their work in several Marin County high school art shows.

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advanced drawing & painting

This class is for the art student who has completed the beginning and intermediate art classes and is possibly considering a career in the art field. Attention will be given to the preparation of artwork and slides for portfolio presentation. The students might work with professional artists. They will be preparing portfolios and, at times, working independently on their art. 

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Photography 1

The class is designed as an introduction to digital photography. It will encompass all aspects of digital image making, including image and film scanning, the software program Adobe Photoshop, digital color theory and fine art ink jet printing. Emphasis is placed on the creative process, while exploring electronic image making as an effective form of communication used by photographers, artists, and designers today. This includes thorough instruction in camera operation, print processing, basic lighting concepts and composition.  Through slide presentations and discussions, students will gain familiarity with the critical and theoretical debates surrounding photography in general.   One goal of the course is for students to learn to make and discuss photographic work that has cultural, historical, formal and conceptual attributes.  


This is a project-structured course, with lectures, demonstrations, project assignments, critiques, research and discussions.  Assignments will demonstrate mastery of technical skills and individual creative expression. 

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Photography 2

This course is a continuation and reinforcement of the skills and concepts taught in the Photography I course.  More complex techniques will be introduced and students will be involved in problem solving activities. 


Prerequisites: Prior successful completion of Photography I is required.  This course is open to students in Grades 10, 11, and 12.  

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Photography 3

This course will continue to instruct students in more advanced fundamentals of photography and will broaden their technical skills and aesthetic values.  Individual creativity and the ability to make a visual statement will continue to be stressed. Portfolio preparation will be emphasized throughout the semester and students will be required to develop a portfolio for presentation.


Prerequisites: Prior successful completion of Photography 2 is required.  This course is open to students in Grades 11, and 12.

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Drama 1-4

Drama 1-4 includes instruction in acting, stage movement, theatre technology, theatre history, as well as scene writing and play-building. Students explore concepts spanning the definition of theatre and character development through higher level constructs such as improvisation and body and voice control. Class time is spent in a variety of activities including discussions, dramatic writing workshops, small group analysis and interpretation, improvisation, viewing of film and theatrical productions, scene work, the auditioning process, and rehearsal work. Small groups are used to generate ideas, to encourage students to share ideas with ease and to work cooperatively, to prepare group presentations, and to analyze and interpret selected works. Drama students will stage several performances throughout the year and additional outside-of-class rehearsal time is required for performance participation.


Jazz Band 1-4

Jazz Band is for students who understand their instrument.  The class repertoire and direction is constructed around the instrumentalists or vocalists who enroll in the class.  The students learn techniques of rehearsing and performing with a band as well as musical self-expression in terms of improvising solos.  The repertoire includes intermediate-to-advanced levels of musical literature from various periods in jazz history including Dixieland, Swing, Bebop, Latin Jazz, Modern Jazz and Rock.  Jazz history is taught in relationship to the music performed.  Performances are required each semester.  The students record the repertoire at The Marin School’s professional quality recording studio each semester and produce a CD at the end of the year.  The course may be repeated each year for additional credit.


Recording Arts

Recording Arts is for musicians and non-musicians alike.   The class is structured around the Pro-Tools recording software, which is the software used in most world-class studios today.  Students learn how to record live instruments and digital loops onto the computer.  They learn to process and edit the recorded material, to mix their recorded tracks, and to burn it to a CD.  The class meets once a week with two hours a week of outside lab time.  This class allows musicians to learn how to record their music and non-musicians to learn how music is recorded, processed and mixed.


Please note: Grades for this course are not currently included in the academic GPA.



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