Tobias (Toby) Griffin



I began teaching English as an apprentice teacher in Eugene, Oregon, and have been teaching English for the past twenty-two years. I attended the graduate program in Renaissance Literature at the University of Oregon, where I received my training in rhetoric and composition pedagogies. After getting my PhD, I taught a range of subjects: English, writing, American history, world history, and success strategies. I also taught many different age levels, from kindergarteners to retirees returning to college. My career has been a combination of one-on-one, small group, and class instruction,
which has given me insight into every learning style and developmental level.
Before teaching at The Marin School, I was an English instructor at Contra Costa College. While
I was there, I learned many strategies for de-centering instruction and multiple drafting which I
plan to implement at TMS. I am an East Bay Native who has lived in many different towns in
Marin County: I have loved them all in their own different ways.

I love music, nature, and animals. I also value painting and the visual arts, and try to incorporate
them into my work when appropriate. I began my life as an artist, and slowly become more of a
verbal person. However, I have never let go of the musical interest that first got me to pick up a
guitar when I was ten. I see learning and teaching as types of improvisations that happen in
structured environments, just the way a Miles Davis trumpet solo happens over a solid chord
progression. I want my students to learn to live their lives like a good solo: passionate, but also
coherent, deliberate and purposed.


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