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Pete Valceschini


Over the past decade, I have taught in a variety of educational settings: from helping high school students in San Francisco uncover how WWII affected their community to training undergraduates at Stanford University in historical document editing. Most recently, I taught History and Humanities at Menlo College.

I am a native Californian with a love for the state. I grew up in the Los Angeles area, went to high school in the North Bay, and received a BA and an MA in History from UC Santa Cruz.

I have also been lucky to travel away from California on a regular basis. I have spent most of my time abroad in Italy. Apart from visiting family and soaking up as much red sauce as it’s polite to do, I have spent time studying in Italy (Italian language and English teaching). Just after meeting my wife, we traveled to South Africa. I returned with a new appreciation for just how narrow my views and experiences of the world had been; I was also astounded by the degree of hospitality I encountered.

I am a dedicated reader, an enthusiastic (yet amateur) cook, and an avid (but often injured) soccer player. But, I spend most of my time feeling lucky to have two children who are such forces of nature.

Pete Valceschini

History, Government & Economics

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