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Keith Hubert


I received my Bachelor’s of Science in Mathematics from Washington State University. Afterwards, I spent two years teaching math in Ghana, West Africa with the Peace Corps. I returned to the US and taught one year in the San Francisco Unified School District and then it was on to The Marin School. That was back in 1997 and I have been happily teaching here ever since.

Living and working in Ghana in the mid-90s enriched my life substantially. During those years, I found a direction to take in life (teaching) and a pace at which to live it (slow). Teaching advanced level math in Ghana inspired me to continue my mastery of the subject and it was there that I first discovered my love for teaching.

My internal drive to connect with my audience is my primary inspiration. I enjoy the company of teenagers and I work hard to make real connections with each one in my class. Once a sense of trust and leadership takes hold, the students themselves become my inspiration. I strive to push each one of them to their next level and they sense that and, generally, respond very well to it.

The sky is the limit at The Marin School. I enjoy teaching here because I am constantly customizing and catering my curriculum to meet the needs of my class. Each year has a fresh feel. The applications, projects, presentations and processes that I use to cover the curriculum change regularly. I am fully supported by the school to try new things, partner with my peers and lead my students closer to their full potential in a way that I feel is appropriate.

When I am not working I enjoy hanging out with my family, traveling, meditating, practicing yoga, and riding Mt. Tamalpias

Keith Hubert


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