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Junia Ziblay


My professional philosophy is based upon my personal credo that life is meant to be spent in the pursuit of knowledge. Books have been the way in which humanity has explored itself throughout history. Each of these books is an entire universe of thought and libraries are portals to these universes. As the saying goes, “knowledge is power,” and the ability to use that power to ask challenging questions, consider deep philosophies, and perhaps even seek wisdom is my life’s pursuit. It is as a result of my unbridled curiosity, ardent love of reading, and perfervid desire to seek knowledge that I chose to become an Information Scientist.

My passion for learning has led me on a journey which includes: stage-managing live, experimental theatre in Chico; selling photographic equipment in Seattle; studying abroad in London; project-managing technology conferences in San Francisco; and, finally, earning an MLIS from San José State university and becoming a librarian in Marin.

Some of the most fascinating facets of being a school librarian are: managing the library collection; fostering a life-long love of reading and literacy; collaborating with educators; offering information literacy classes; proffering digital citizenship skills and lessons; and embracing everything new without sacrificing the old. I am grateful to collaborate with and support the TMS community!

Junia Ziblay

Director of Library Sciences

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