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Josh Cardenas


I grew up in Long Beach, CA and started getting passionate about my education when I took a course in technical theater at Long Beach Polytechnic High School. There I learned set building, lighting design, special stage effects and more. I carried these interests with me when I moved up to the green trees and fresh air of northern California and attended Santa Rosa Jr. College, where I continued to work in the theater behind the scenes. As computing technologies became more ubiquitous and affordable, I built myself the best PC I could cobble together and began applying my skills of stage scenery and lighting design to 3D computer design. While still pursuing the study of computer modeling and animation on my own, I moved on from theater, honed my fine art skills and graduated from Sonoma State University with a BA in Studio Art and Sculpture.

After college, I took a job as a digital artist in real-time 3D computer simulation at a small firm in San Diego, CA. Four years later, I returned to the San Francisco Bay Area where I worked as a technical director creating visual effects for feature films and commercials. Wanting more creative freedom, I separated myself from studio work so I could take on a wider array projects as freelancer. Things I have worked on range from designing and building custom motion controlled camera rigs, touring with a well known DJs as a visualist, and writing articles for MAKE Magazine. My most recent ventures include starting a small business to teach digital arts, 3D animation and video game creation to teens and contributing to a group effort to start a Maker Space here in Marin - sort of a community access workshop similar to a FabLab, but open to the public.

I believe building things and solving design problems can be one of the most effective methods to learn how to think critically, apply theoretical knowledge to real world problems and instill a sense of pride and confidence in one’s abilities. I’m so excited to be able to share that philosophy with the students and teachers of TMS and I hope I can help everyone become the best Maker they can be!
I live just a stone’s throw away from TMS, right here in sunny San Rafael in a great house with my very own FabLab and an orange dog Bowie.

Josh Cardenas

FabLab, Director of IT/Facilities

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