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Chanel Nijmeh


My love of working with students with learning differences was born during my undergraduate studies at San Francisco State University. I was on track to become an English teacher at the high school level, with future goals of becoming a college literature professor. During this time, I got the opportunity to tutor students with learning differences in high school. Through this experience I realized that these students were so brilliant, they just had a hard time accessing traditional classrooms. As I continued to work with these students, I became more and more passionate about supporting these incredible students to finding success in their classrooms. After I graduated with my BA in English education from San Francisco State University, I got a job as a resource specialist aide and classroom teacher where my fervor for working with students with learning differences grew. After two years of being an aide, I decided to continue my education and set my sights on becoming a learning specialist. I completed my MA in Special Education from San Francisco State University and have been a learning specialist for over five years.

I firmly believe that every student has amazing strengths. As an educator, I get the privilege of helping students discover and build confidence in those strengths, and then use those strengths to meet their goals.

Chanel Nijmeh

Dean of Students

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