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Carolyn Sasser


I started my career in public accounting in San Francisco. After obtaining my CPA, I moved to RREEF, a commercial real estate investment company. I worked there for 17 years, eventually becoming Vice-President of Client Relations where I was responsible for reporting the performance returns on clients’ investments.

In 1994, I had my son and began to rethink my career in the corporate world. I was interested in using my business and accounting skills in a way that gave back to the community. In 1997, I started working at Children’s Day School, in San Francisco. I worked there for two years and realized that I enjoyed working in the school environment.

I became interested in working for a larger school, and in 1999 I became Director of Finance and Operations at San Francisco Day School, a school with 400 students in grades K-8. I worked for SFDS for 15 years. In June 2015, I retired and looked forward to no more commuting from Marin into the city.

In November 2015, I received a call from former TMS Head of School Barbara Brown to see if I might be interested in coming back to work at TMS. Having just retired, I was hesitant; however I also missed the sense of community that working in a school offers. I met Barb, the faculty and staff, and saw the campus (which was only a 15 minute commute from my home) and realized that this was a community I would like to be a part of.

I now work part-time at TMS, once again fulfilling my desire to bring my skills to an organization that gives back to the community. Yes, numbers are a significant part of
my work, however being able to work in this wonderful community is the best part of my job.

Carolyn Sasser

School Operations Specialist

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