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Annie Krabenschmidt


After starting at Duke as a physics major, I found myself wanting to explore ideas that were more grounded in a social reality. I ended up as a literature major, with certificates in Film and Marxism & Society (you know, the money-making fields). Outside of class, I was leading Duke’s sketch comedy group to middling campus notoriety.

Because I’ve always wanted to make the world a better place, I received my masters from Duke in Public Policy. Of course, while everyone else was doing policy memos, I was wondering how this world came to be and how we could make it more equitable. I realized that of all the possible areas of impact, I have always been interested in shaping communities and understanding how we, as a society, operate and evolve. During the program, I gained experience in social research and teaching within the humanities.

All that abstract thinkin’ eventually led me to write a book about my experiences as a queer person growing up in Marin County. So I moved to the Big Apple to write, perform comedy, and tell stories on stage. When the book was published, I found that I missed teaching and imparting wisdom on young minds, and that’s how I found myself here, at TMS, endlessly inspired by the creativity and curiosity of my students.

Annie Krabenschmidt

English Teacher

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