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Andrew Cassetta


Hello! My name is Andrew and I am the newest member of the Admissions Team at The Marin School. Before coming to TMS, I was a teacher for a private school for 11 years. Since 2011, I have taught a wide range of classes which include Mathematics, Biology and Earth Sciences, Physical Education/Wellness, and Civics. It was a hard choice for me to leave the classroom, but I am confident that I will still be able to make an impact on our students’ lives and futures.

When I’m out of the office, you can usually find me doing some sort of physical activity. I enjoy hiking, martial arts, playing volleyball, and weight training. I have found what works well for me is being physically active in the morning before I start my day. This keeps my mind sharp and focused throughout the day.

Please stop by the Admissions Office or if you see me around campus, say Hi!!! I look forward to getting to know everyone.

Andrew Cassetta

Admissions Assistant

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