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Parent Reviews and Testimonials

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"I have always loved how TMS embraces individuality and strives to truly meet each student wherever or however they are. My son has been through tremendous change over the past four years transitioning from female to male and throughout it all everyone at TMS has done so much to make him feel safe and welcomed. He has been able to express his true self and have friends and teachers that were always there to support and encourage.

I have heard many stories of trans youth who struggle with depression, self-doubt and worse because they feel they need to hide who they are. TMS gave Wyeth a safe space to become the confident, happy young man he is. Thank you for this! I would hope that all young adults have such a place to grow but I know this is not always the case. I really appreciate all that you have done to create a school that welcomes ALL students and cultivates each one‘s uniqueness."



"The Marin School offers the extraordinary opportunity to learn in an atmosphere that is warm, individualized and happy. Students here are deeply engaged with both their work and their teachers. This is what education should look like."


- Madeline Levine, PhD, Author of The Price of Privilege and Teach Your Children Well



"I chose The Marin School for my daughter because she learns best in small groups. The school has proved to be a great fit for her.  She's doing well academically, enjoys her peers and staff immensely - and smiles more! She's encouraged to be who she is - unique - and her self esteem is at an all time high. I'm so glad we made the choice to enroll her in TMS."

"We now have our third child at The Marin School and have been very pleased. One is now in law school and one, a junior in engineering. Both were well prepared for college when they graduated from TMS."


"I have been most impressed by the enthusiastic teaching staff

- their sincere dedication to "knowing" each student both as a learner and a person has made a tremendous difference in our daughter's school experience. The time and attention they so generously and patiently extend to every student is unparalleled in any other school setting I am aware of.”


“We are grateful to The Marin School for understanding our teens.

We, as parents, have daily updates as it concerns each day’s classroom performance. The teachers and staff are cool, young and have a very open outlook. We wish that we elected to send our daughter to The Marin School from the very start of her high school experience.”


“At TMS, my son isn't expected to fit into a cookie-cutter mold.

He can be his best self without judgment. That's why, I think, he is able to push himself farther than he ever has academically - he feels safe enough to take risks and fail. That's what learning is all about: plunging into unfamiliar territory with enthusiasm and curiosity. And frankly, part of that unfamiliar territory is in the quality of the work that is expected at TMS. He has never been held to such high standards because so many of his teachers in the past mistook his distractibility for inability. The teachers at TMS recognize his potential and hold him accountable.”


"My son got lost in the large public school system. He was tutoring friends in advanced algebra but was all but failing the class himself. With the small class size and focused teachers at TMS, my son now gets answers to his questions quickly and easily so he is excited about learning and the roadblocks to learning have been removed. I never have to ask him about his homework. He now takes responsibility on his own. Not only is he a much happier.


“The safe and intellectually challenging environment The Marin School offers has been incredible...for the development of my son's critical thinking abilities and overall fulfillment. He is a very happy teenager who loves his school and his teachers. He used to blend in with the crowd and be invisible, but The Marin School brought him out of his shell through its dedicated teachers and the undivided attention he gets in the small class size setting.”


“Like many teens, our son thrives in environments that offer clear structure and expectations, on-going specific feedback, opportunity to put the feedback to use, and a friendly and supportive atmosphere in which teachers and administrators see and meaningfully challenge him. In choosing a high school, his criteria included: (1) academically challenging; (2) close to home; and (3) friendly. The Marin School provides all of that and then some. As a result, our son is thriving academically and is a happy teen. I also love the fact that I need not become the “homework police”. He knows exactly what is expected and when and is motivated to get his work done and get on with having fun! The Marin School makes a huge positive difference in our lives!”

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