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TMS Weekly: Gratitude Edition

Happy Thanksgiving! This week at TMS, everyone discussed the things in their lives for which they are most grateful.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone in our community.

Because of you, we greet each morning with smiles.

Because of you, we end each day with a strong sense of pride in what we do. Wishing you and yours a happy season of gratitude!

Sneak preview:

Barbara J. Brown (Head of School): I am most grateful for my children, my health, my new home and a job I love.

Paco M. (Student): I am grateful for this opportunity (to be at the Marin School), and that my parents have worked really hard to help make my life better, especially my mom, who works really hard to help make my life better in the future. I hope I can pay it back to her someday.

Matthew B. (Student): Being at a school where we can be ourselves.

Josh Cardenas (FabLab): I'm most grateful that every day I'm surrounded by people that I love and love to spend time with, and also that I'm able to do things I am passionate about for a living.

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