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Fall Trips are GO!

Every fall at The Marin School, each grade takes a two-day retreat. The students and teachers get the opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors, and to bond as a community. These trips are also meant to help each grade work together as a team, and to build leadership, communication, and conflict-resolutuion skills.

This year, our Freshmen (Class of 2019) are headed to Walker Ranch in Sebastopol for hiking and a teamwork retreat. The Sophomores (Class of 2018) will be flying high above the trees on a ropes course at the Four Winds Ropes Course at Camp Meeker, and the Juniors (Class of 2017) are kayaking and camping out at Angel Island. And our lucky Senior class is having an on-campus staycation for an intensive College Application workshop.

Here are a few photos as our intrepid TMS-ers head off for their trips!

Seniors Prepare for their staycation.

Everyone is excited that the weather cleared up just in time, and it looks like it's going to be an amazing two days!

To learn more about this annual tradition, check out our Beyond the Classroom Gallery.

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