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And...we're back!

It's official, classes at The Marin School are back in session! As new and returning students swarmed the halls and walkways, our small school felt pretty big! Everyone looked excited and happy to be back (well, as excited and happy as teenagers can look before 9:00 a.m.).

As is our tradition here at TMS, we kicked off the new year with a school-wide assembly. After a brief welcome from our Head of School Barbara J. Brown, everyone on the faculty and staff took to the stage to introduce themselves. And as is also our tradition, things got a little silly as everyone also shared a fun fact about themselves. Did you know, our Athletic Director Jim Klaczak lived on Haight Street during the Summer of Love? And our new Chemistry teacher Shawn Atencio studied two different languages in high school because he wanted to be an International spy!

We ended the assembly with a massive ro-sham-bo competition that had all the students and teachers cheering for the last two people standing. Oh, and for lunch? Pizza for the everyone! Not a bad way to get the school year started!

Our students had their own stories to tell as well, family trips and vacations, friends they saw, classes they took over the summer - one student studied figure drawing at College of Marin, another took some classes with Fab Lab teacher Josh Cardenas' summer program, Art Reactor.

There are lots of new faces at TMS this year, both faculty, staff, and students. We're looking forward to an exciting year of community building, service learning, and of course, rigorous and engaging academics!

Stay tuned to our school news feed to learn more about our new faculty and staff!

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