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Small School, Big Gift!

On Friday, June 5th, our Head of School Barbara J. Brown received a phone call that is the stuff of every fundraiser's dream: an anonymous benefactor wished to give the school an unrestricted $2 million donation. The $2 million gift, the largest single donation in the school's 35-year history, sent waves of happiness, shock and awe across the small school's campus. "Everyone at The Marin School feels truly honored and grateful for this extraordinary act of generosity," said Barbara. "We feel that this momentous gift is a strong endorsement of the work we do every day here, and we are thrilled for the financial opportunity to further our mission of a collaborative environment that inspires creativity, integrity, academic excellence, and a deep belief in each student's potential."

"Our school motto is Small School, Big Impact, because we believe that not only does our small learning community make a big impact in the lives and academic careers of our students, but also because we believe our students will go out and make a big impact on the world. We are thrilled to have confirmation that someone else out there believes in us too!" said Barbara. As you know, The Marin School was founded on the belief that students learn best when they are known as individuals, and when they feel deeply supported to go the extra mile in academic explorations and as critical thinkers.

Asked what specific uses the school intended for the $2 million, Barbara said she's been having a wonderful time imagining the "unlimited possibilities." TMS' Board of Trustees intends to involve different constituencies of the community in a strategic planning process- administrators, alumni, teachers and even students will have a voice in creating a strategic plan. Not only does this gift go a very long way in contributing to the financial health of our institution, it also reminds us of how grateful we are for the unwavering support of everyone in our community.



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