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FabLab Evolved! Making Things Together....While Being Apart

Just like every other subject, The Marin School's FabLab has had to make the transition to holding class online during these strange times. "What? How is this possible?" students asked. "Surely FabLab is cancelled for now, since we can't be in the actual Lab in order to FAB!" These are reasonable questions to be sure, but it turns out these students underestimated the power that is FABLAB! Across the various FabLab classes, students have taken their problem solving, making, and crafting skills and found projects to apply them to on the home front. Sewing, baking, interior design, computer 3D modeling, whittling, and Minecraft art are just some of the hands-on activities they have found for t

TMS Reader's Theater

The Marin School Book Book Club is hosting a fun way to socialize on Thursdays in May! Attendees need not participate, all are welcome to join the fun at 3:45 pm. We will use the same Google Meet link that is used for Lunchtime Clubs. It's gonna be a riot!! Book Club hopes to see you Thursday!

Tips for parents: How to support your student through distance learning

As schools around the Bay Area announced their intention to keep campuses closed for the remainder of the school year, students and parents were hit with the realization that online learning has become “the new normal.” How can you support your teen so that they thrive in these new circumstances? Communication is more important than ever. Be open with your student’s academic advisor, especially around your family circumstances. Are both parents working away or at home? Are multiple siblings vying for the same device? Are you having difficulties with technology? Are financial stresses or other concerns related to the COVID-19 pandemic affecting the home environment? Teachers are by natur

Distance Learning: How is TMS handling grading for Spring 2020?

What is TMS doing about grading? In recent weeks I have had two key meetings with the faculty. At one we talked about pedagogy, and how remote learning may have changed the ways in which the faculty are teaching online. All of them felt that they are covering the material, sometimes in new ways, but they are staying true to their core beliefs about how students learn and how they teach. At the other meeting we discussed grading. We had a candid discussion about whether faculty could provide authentic grades under our new circumstances. All of the faculty felt strongly that they could and should provide grades. Some of the reasons they provided included: Students who were performing well prio

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