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Zoology takes on the Albatross

Zoology students have been studying the amazing marine bird, the Albatross. They spend years on end at sea, never touching land and have the largest wingspan of any other bird (can be over 11 feet!). They have numerous genius adaptations that allow them to survive indefinitely on the ocean (ask a zoology student about them!). Sadly, they are becoming endangered. Baby chicks throw up what is called a bolus, or a ball of material that they cannot digest. Today 100% of the boluses contain mostly plastic. Adult birds are all found with a stomach full of plastic as well. We are learning about marine debris and how it is effecting this sensitive ecosystem. We are currently brainstorming som

Stunning Cell Models!

Biology students made 3-D models of either an animal or plant cell. A few students decided to do a more detailed model of one organelle.

To the Men of TMS: A Message from Ben Griggs, Assistant Head of School

To the young men of TMS, First, I want to make a very intentional point here: this letter isn't about presidential politics, or about the candidate, political party, or political philosophy that resonates with you. I firmly believe that you should decide these things for yourself, and I hope that the matter at hand will strike you as a topic beyond the scope of political preferences. I want to turn your attention to some very specific words you may have heard last weekend. The words in question were accidentally caught on a hot microphone in 2005, and were spoken by one of our presidential candidates. You may already know this, but I want to be absolutely sure: those words describe sexual as

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