Leina BrysoN


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I am a 1995 TMS alum! Back then we called it North Bay Marin School and it was exactly the nurturing and empowering high school experience I needed. I went on to Lewis & Clark College to study Biology. After earning my degree, I explored careers in ecology, veterinary medicine and optometry. While I searched for the life science field that best suited me, I stumbled upon an intense passion for cooking! 


I followed my heart, it led me to becoming the kitchen and cooking school manager of the former “Home Chef” in Corte Madera. After 2 years there I attended The California Culinary Academy, graduating in 2005. Then I enjoyed fast paced restaurant work at local fine dining establishments such as the former Lark Creek Inn, and Marche Aux Fleurs. 


I left the restaurant world after starting a family and began catering lunch to a tech startup in Corte Madera. I also launched my own business as a personal chef providing meals for families in their homes. 


In my wildest dreams I never imagined my life would circle back to TMS where I became the Head Chef in 2016 and kicked off their first ever school lunch program. I couldn’t be happier to be here!

Contact Leina: lbryson@themarinschool.org