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Giving at The Marin School



When you donate to TMS, you are the engine behind our ability to make a big impact. You may think your dollars are going toward improving campus or paying the electric bill, but in fact you are also investing in the people who do their life’s work at TMS— faculty who will shape your student and be remembered by him or her forever.


Extraordinary dedication and unquestioning faith in the potential for growth and achievement from our teachers is the foundation of the TMS experience, which your donations support.   Your contributions supplement faculty support, academic and co-curricular programs, facility enhancements, financial aid, and much more—all of which provide our students with the best environment in which they can learn and grow.


Why Give?

Our mission statement (and small class size) provide an environment for student success, but this comes at a cost. Thanks to our parent volunteers, our fundraising activities, and our broad community support, we are able to maintain our small classes and create a formula for student success. But we need your help.

Helping others is part of human nature.


Supporting worthwhile charitable causes also makes donors feel good about themselves. Psychological studies have proven that point.


Giving to The Marin School is a wonderful way to help our students and the school.

The Marin School is a California based 501(c)(3) Federal ID# 94-3308179.  Your donation is tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.

Ways to Give

At The Marin School, we engage in an Annual Fund drive in the Fall and a community fundraiser, The Marin School Auction and Gala, in the Spring. 

Our unique, focused program cannot survive simply through tuition income. We need continued substantial support from those who can make a commitment to secondary education at its finest.


Join us in our continued efforts to provide an outstanding program for our students; your support will make a difference.


You can also donate online at any time of the year.

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