The Marin school 2020-2021 Continuity of instruction and School site-specific protection plan

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In preparation for the upcoming school year, The Marin School's Reopening Committee considered numerous paths forward. We also relied on research and experience from educators, health professionals, and other schools to create a plan that will allow us to pivot quickly in the face of evolving circumstances. We have a multi-tiered plan that will allows for flexibility as we plan our return to campus when it is safe to do so. The timeline will depend upon conditions and recommendations from the  Department of Public Health. TMS is small and nimble, and will be able to adapt to changing conditions without disruption to the important work of educating and supporting our students.

In case you missed our Virtual Town Hall, click below to watch the recording.

In this meeting we covered:

  • Return to Campus Safety Protocols

  • Important Details to know for Orientation Week

  • Classroom spaces and social distancing protocols

  • How to check in each day

  • Access to on-campus COVID testing

  • What classrooms will look like with social distancing and air purifiers

COVid-19 Response Health & Safety Protocols:

TMS understands the global pandemic’s impact on students, staff and families during these challenging times, and has prioritized making the transition back to school efficient and as safe as possible for all.


TMS continues to practice and enforce local and state health and safety protocols. The document in the link below outlines in greater detail how TMS will take a "Safe School Approach" to get back to school. 

Guiding Principles:

  • Incorporate what we learned from Spring 2020

  • Reduce cognitive load on students 

  • Simplify landscape for teachers

  • Reduce variables in the master schedule

  • Plan to have students back on campus safely

  • Maintain high academic standards and flexibility

  • Enhance facility and improve tech capacity

  • Keep everything “as TMS as possible"

community update archive:

3x3 Block Schedule

What is the "3x3 Approach"?

  • Students take 3 “year-long” classes per semester

  • Four 80-minute blocks four days per week

  • One 50-minute block one day per week​

On-Campus Benefits:

  • Operational simplification

  • Classrooms and common areas used by fewer people in a school day

  • Students and teachers have fewer in-person contacts

  • Better for hands-on courses

Remote Benefits:

  • Simpler for students & staff

  • Block classes → better for remote learning

  • Overall reduction in cognitive / executive function load

TMS "As Usual"

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TMS standard schedule

TMS 3x3 Approach

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Level 2:


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