The Marin School Faculty

The Marin School's World-Class Faculty



The Marin School faculty genuinely love what they do.


Some found their passion for teaching early on. Others discovered it after successful careers in other walks of life. Collectively, they bring to the classroom a breadth of academic and real-world experience that makes for an effective and creative learning environment.


Our teachers passionately believe in each student's unique potential and have the talent, tools, enthusiam and skill to meet the needs of multiple learning styles.


Please click the photos below to learn more about each person in more detail.

Jennifer Bell
Director of Learning Services
Josh Cardenas
Fab Lab and Technology Coordinator
Kristy Dell
Modern World History
Griggs, Ben
Assistant Head of School
Keith Hubert
Richard Gibson
Chemistry, Honors Chemistry & Introduction to Physical Science
Hannah Hohle
English & Writing Skills
Gustavo Jimenez
Fred Kral
Math & Science, STEM Department Chair
Lynn Meza
American Sign Language
Heather Parker
Biology, Zoology and Virology
Karla Quevedo
Jimmy Sage
Jazz Band & Recording Arts
Elizabeth Sims
Art and Photography
Dana Testa
American Sign Language
Brenna Thomas
Statistics and Business Math
Pete Valceschini
PAS English and History
Phil van Eyck
English & Drama
Junia Ziblay
Director of Library Science
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