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Director of Learning Services

Job Description


Position:               Director of Learning Services      

Reports to:            Assistant Head of School

Position Status:    Full-Time, Exempt



The Marin School, an independent college-preparatory high school in San Rafael, California, seeks a full-time experienced Director of Learning Services to support a range of learners (Grades 9-12), particularly those with documented learning differences. During the 2019-20 school year the school will also support an 8th grade class.

The Marin School currently serves 90 students in grades 9-12 (plus 8th grade in 2019-20). We honor each student's unique learning style and act in accordance with a deep belief in the potential of each and every student. Our motto is "Small School. Big Impact." Class size at the school is small by design, typically 7-10 students, to allow teachers to fully understand their students and give teachers the ability to personalize their instruction with experiential learning, innovative lessons and non-traditional, yet effective, learning opportunities.

The Marin School faculty is made up of passionate, skilled, motivated, inspiring teachers who love what they do. We wholeheartedly believe in each student's unique potential and seek faculty members who are equipped with the experience, talent, tools, skill and enthusiasm to meet the needs of multiple learning styles.

Director of Learning Services

This position involves overseeing an independent high school Learning Center, supporting faculty, and directing the Program for Academic Success (PAS) at The Marin School. PAS serves students with mild to moderate learning differences. The program helps students succeed in The Marin School’s challenging, college-preparatory curriculum and provides them with strategies for academic success, including strengthening self-advocacy skills. PAS is for students who need additional support in one or more areas of study in order to be successful in a college preparatory curriculum. The Director of Learning Services will work with the wider TMS community, including faculty members and students with learning differences who are not in PAS.


The duties of the Director of Learning Services include but are not limited to:

● Lead and develop the Program for Academic Success, providing direct support to students in the program

● Provide support for Modern World History and U.S. History classes by helping to modify the curriculum and working with students (2-4 students)

● Potentially teach a 9th grade Writing Skills class to 5 students four times a week

● Provide academic support in one-on-one and small group settings

● Assist students in the development of strategies for studying, organization, time management, and critical reading and writing skills

● Recommend students for Learning Center support or for phasing out of Learning Center support when skills are independent

● Guide teachers on how to differentiate instruction for a variety of learning styles and to implement recommended classroom accommodations and interventions

● Review psycho-educational evaluations, summarizing and providing information to classroom teachers and administrators

● Manage cases of students with learning differences

● Review screenings and evaluations with parents, teachers, and evaluators to design a support plan

● Write student learning plans with measurable goals to revisit and revise

● Actively collaborate with families, teachers, advisors, and outside tutors/clinicians

● Coordinate accommodations for standardized testing

● Serve as a member of the Admissions Deliberation Committee

● Work closely with Assistant Head of School, School Counselor, and Director of Library Science  

● Lead Student Support meetings and PAS meetings

● Develop targeted professional development opportunities

● Supervise part-time instructors in PAS

● Create the Learning Center schedule, procedures, and resources for students in order to ensure student access and appropriate service minutes

● Train and provide direction and guidance to assigned Instructional Assistants

● Coordinate transition education plans for incoming students

● Oversee use of assistive technology

● Attend events and perform duties as needed outside of school hours




● Master’s Degree or higher in educational psychology, school psychology, educational therapy, special education, and/or related fields.

● Has 3+ years of successful teaching experience with students with learning differences.  Independent school experience is preferred. 

● Understands and enjoys working with students with diverse learning needs

● Has an engaging, strategies-based style and is competent with assistive technology

● Values collaboration and innovation and enjoys being part of a team

● Demonstrates skills in communication and interpersonal relations within and across multiple constituencies

● Believes in restorative justice as an effective means of classroom management and school discipline

● Finds joy in working with students, is kind, and possesses a healthy sense of humor

A successful candidate will:

● Be an effective leader of the Learning Center and the Program for Academic Success

● Be highly self-reflective and committed to improving their practice; be an expert at giving and receiving critical feedback

● Effectively manage caseloads, projects, and people, and provide instructional leadership

● Support colleagues, acting as a mentor and coach around using interventions and supporting students with accommodations

The position will begin ASAP

Please send cover letter, resume, and contact information for four references to EEO.

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