Extracurricular Activities

There is a rich history of extracurricular activities at The Marin School, many of which are unique to our small school environment.

Students and staff have a chance to get out of the classroom to learn, to play, and to grow closer as a school community.

Fall Trips

In late September, each grade level takes a two-day retreat with emphasis on team-building, leadership, conflict resolution, communication skills and to strengthen their sense of community. Examples include rafting and camping on the American River, backpacking and a retreat at Point Bonita.  

On a weekly basis, students can participate in various activities including mountain biking, intramural soccer, Hip Hop Dancing, an art portfolio workshop, open art studio, after-school tech group, and photography excursions to San Francisco and Marin.  Students and teachers are encouraged to create clubs and activities based on their particular interests.

The list of field trip opportunities is exhaustive, including foreign language students visiting museums, ethnic restaurants, galleries, and musical performances. Our art students make trips to museums, galleries, and studios, while science students are getting their hands dirty in wildlife preserves, tide pools, and the fields of the Marin Headlands and Point Reyes. From sitting in on the San Francisco Chronicle’s editorial meeting to attending private screenings of films, English classes at TMS are constantly finding new ways to broaden the meaning of the term classroom.

International travel is yet another opportunity open to students of The Marin School. School-sponsored trips in the last five years have included Spain, France (photos), Japan, Peru, Belize, West Africa (Ghana photos), Ireland, and Mexico.  Regardless of where they travel, students return with endless stories and new perspectives to share with classmates and friends.